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Our service allows you to access relevant information about your city, connect instantly to people with similar interests, official accounts, and Content developed by Iconus. Any registered user of Iconus´s Services can see, place, send, and receive Icons. These icons will be equipped with Content, (e.g., pictures, videos, and links to other websites.

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") describes the mode and the circumstances in which Iconus collects, uses, and shares your information when you use our Services.

Iconus receives your information from the first access to Iconus´s Services. Be it agreed that by accessing and using the Services, you agree and consent to the following policies. This means that you consent to the collection, transfer, handling, storage, disclosure, and other uses of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.

You are solely responsible and the only one who controls the publication of their icons and other Content you may submit through any of our Services, as set out in the Terms of Service and Iconus´s Rules. Whatever the country in which you reside, you authorize us to use your information, and therefore, to transfer, and store it in any foreignh country in which we operate. The laws on data protection and privacy in some of these countries may differ from the laws of the country in which you reside.

Whatever the country in which you reside, you authorize us to use your information, and therefore, to transfer, and store it in any foreignh country in which we operate. The laws on data protection and privacy in some of these countries may differ from the laws of the country in which you reside.

Collection and Use of Information

The personal information collected, described below, is used to provide, monitor, and improve our Services on a continuous basis.

We collect the following types of information.

Information you provide us directly:

Your username, password and e-mail address when you register for an Iconus account.

Profile information that you provide for your user profile (e.g., first and last name, picture, phone number). This information allows us to help you or others be "found" on Iconus.

User Content (e.g., photos, audio, video comments, and other materials) that you post to the Service.

Communications between you and Iconus. For example, we may send you Service-related emails (e.g., account verification, changes/updates to features of the Service, technical and security notices). Note that you may not opt out of Service-related e-mails.

Finding your friends on Iconus:

If you choose, you can use our "Find friends" feature to locate other people with Iconus accounts either through (i) your contacts list, (ii) third-party social media sites or (iii) through a search of names and usernames on Iconus.

If you choose to find your friends through (i) your device's contacts list, then Iconus will access your contacts list to determine whether or not someone associated with your contact is using Iconus.

If you choose to find your friends through a (ii) third-party social media site, then you will be prompted to set up a link to the third-party service and you understand that any information that such service may provide to us will be governed by this Privacy Policy.

If you choose to find your friends (iii) through a search of names or usernames on Iconus then simply type a name to search and we will perform a search on our Service.

Note about "Invite Friends" feature: If you choose to invite someone to the Service through our "Invite friends" feature, you may select a person directly from the contacts list on your device and send a text or email from your personal account. You understand and agree that you are responsible for any charges that apply to communications sent from your device, and because this invitation is coming directly from your personal account, Iconus does not have access to or control this communication.

Analytics information:

We use third-party analytics tools to help us measure traffic and usage trends for the Service. These tools collect information sent by your device or our Service, including the web pages you visit, add-ons, and other information that assists us in improving the Service. We collect and use this analytics information with analytics information from other Users so that it cannot reasonably be used to identify any particular individual User.

Cookies and similar technologies:

When you visit the Service, we may use cookies and similar technologies like pixels, web beacons, and local storage to collect information about how you use Iconus and provide features to you.

We may ask advertisers or other partners to serve ads or services to your devices, which may use cookies or similar technologies placed by us or the third party.

More information is available in our About Cookies section

Log file information:

Log file information is automatically reported by your browser each time you make a request to access (i.e., visit) a web page or app. It can also be provided when the content of the webpage or app is downloaded to your browser or device.

When you use our Service, our servers automatically record certain log file information, including your web request, Internet Protocol ("IP") address, browser type, referring / exit pages and URLs, number of clicks and how you interact with links on the Service, domain names, landing pages, pages viewed, and other such information. We may also collect similar information from emails sent to our Users which then help us track which emails are opened and which links are clicked by recipients. The information allows for more accurate reporting and improvement of the Service.

Device identifiers:

When you use a mobile device like a tablet or phone to access our Service, we may access, collect, monitor, store on your device, and/or remotely store one or more "device identifiers." Device identifiers are small data files or similar data structures stored on or associated with your mobile device, which uniquely identify your mobile device. A device identifier may be data stored in connection with the device hardware, data stored in connection with the device's operating system or other software, or data sent to the device by Iconus.

A device identifier may deliver information to us or to a third party partner about how you browse and use the Service and may help us or others provide reports or personalized content and ads. Some features of the Service may not function properly if use or availability of device identifiers is impaired or disabled.


Metadata is usually technical data that is associated with User Content. For example, Metadata can describe how, when and by whom a piece of User Content was collected and how that content is formatted.

Users can add or may have Metadata added to their User Content including a hashtag (e.g., to mark keywords when you post a photo), geotag (e.g., to mark your location to a photo), comments or other data. This makes your User Content more searchable by others and more interactive. If you geotag your photo or tag your photo using other's APIs then, your latitude and longitude will be stored with the photo and searchable (e.g., through a location or map feature) if your photo is made public by you in accordance with your privacy settings.

Basic account information: when you create or change your account information, you provide us with personal information (e.g., your name, user name, password, email address, and telephone number. Your name and user name are made public in Iconus´s Services — even in your profile page and in the search results. Some Iconus Services (e.g., the search and the user public profiles) do not require you to register.

Contact Information: : You may use your contact information (e.g., your e-mail address or phone number) to customize your account or activate Services, (e.g., for the login box) We may use your contact information to send you information about our Services, for marketing purposes, to help prevent spam, fraud, or abuse and to help others find their Iconus account — even through third party Services and customer applications.

You can use your e-mail and mobile notification settings to control all notifications you receive from Iconus´s Services. You can also cancel subscription to a notification. Your privacy settings control whether others can find you in Iconus´s Services through your e-mail address or mobile phone number.

You provide profile information to make it public in Iconus´s Services (e.g., a brief biography, your location, your website, date of birth, or a photograph)

To share Content, Icons [sic], we offer visibility settings to select who can see this information and treat it as a Private Icon. This means that it will only be visible to those users that you select in the search form that we will put at your disposal. Take into account that you can share icons only with common followers (i.e., to send a Private Icon, both users must be followed by each other) This clause does not exclude Iconus from access to your publication. Iconus may and will have unrestricted access and you agree for this to occur by accepting this Privacy Policy.

You may decide to upload and synchronize your contacts so that we can help you find and connect with Iconus users you know or so that other users will find you and connect with you.

We can adapt content (e.g., make suggestions or show you user accounts and icons to you and other users based on your imported contacts and the selection of interests marked with (#) in the boot sequence).

You can delete any imported contacts from your address book at any time. If you send us email, we may retain your message, e-mail address, and contact information to answer your request.

If you connect your account in our Services with your account in another service to share publications between our Services and the other service, that service may send us your registration information or profile in the service, as well as any information you authorize. This information allows you to share Content.

Icons, Followers, and Public Information

Our Services are primarily designed to help you share information with your followers. They will leave a virtual mark (called an Icon) along the places you visit (streets, avenues, sites of interest) and these can be made public for people close to this mark.

Most of the information that you provide to us through Iconus´s Services is information you´re asking us to disclose. Your public information includes the metadata provided with your Icons (e.g., temporality and location, language, country, and time zone associated with your account, those icons you mark as Favorites, and much more information as generated through your use of Iconus´s Services).

We may use this information to make deductions (e.g., on topics that may be of interest to you, and to customize the content that we show you).

By default, we almost always publish the information you provide to us through Iconus´s Services until you delete it, but we usually put at your disposal certain settings or features, (e.g., direct Icons, to make the information private, if you so desire).

You can change the language and time zone associated with your account at any time by using the settings in your account. For example, your user profile public information and public Icons are immediately delivered — including search engines, publishers, and developers that integrate the content of Iconus in their services. When you share information or Content (e.g., photos, videos, and links) through the Services, you should think carefully about what you are publishing.

Location Info: You agree to transmit your location for the publishing of Icons and to display Iconus content. We may use and store information about your location to provide certain features of our Services, how to improve and customize the Services (e.g., with relevant Content — local trends, stories, ads, and suggestions about people who to follow)

Links: Iconus may keep information about how you interact with links through our Services — including our email notifications, third party Services, and customer applications, redirecting clicks, or by other means. This is done in order to improve our Services, offer more relevant advertising and to be able to share aggregate statistics on clicks (e.g., how many times have you clicked on a particular link).

Cookies: Like many websites, we use cookies and similar technologies to collect additional data on the use of the website and to improve our Services, but we do not use cookies for many portions of our Services (e.g., searches or views of public user profiles)

About Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing a string of characters that can be placed on your computer or mobile device that uniquely identifies your browser or device. We may use technologies like cookies, pixels and local storage to deliver, secure, and understand products, services, and ads.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies and other technologies allow a site or services to know if your computer or device has visited it before. These technologies can then be used to deliver products, services, and ads, help us understand how the site or service is being used, help you navigate between pages efficiently, help remember your preferences, and generally improve your experience in using our services. Cookies can also help ensure marketing you see online is more relevant to you and your interests.

Why does Iconus use cookies and similar technologies?

We use cookies, pixels, local storage, and similar technologies to show you relevant content, improve your experience, and help protect Iconus and our users. We may use these technologies to deliver the service, provide you with a service that is easy to use, enables you to move around the Service and use its features, such as accessing secure areas, and store information so that Iconus responds faster. We may use these technologies to collect information about how you use the Service, for example which pages you go to most often and if you get error messages from certain pages. We may use these technologies to allow us to remember choices you make (such as your user name, language or the region you're in) and tailor the Service to provide enhanced features and content for you. These cookies can also be used to remember changes you've made to text size, font and other parts of pages that you can customize. Iconus or our advertising partners may use these technologies to deliver advertising that is relevant to your interests. These technologies can remember that your device has visited a site or service, and may also be able to track your device's browsing activity on other sites or services other than Iconus. This information may be shared with organizations outside Iconus, such as advertisers and/or advertising networks to deliver the advertising, and to help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. * We may use these technologies to understand, improve, and research products and services.

How long will cookies stay on my device?

The length of time a cookie will stay on your computer or mobile device depends on whether it is a "persistent" or "session" cookie. Session cookies will only stay on your device until you stop browsing. Persistent cookies stay on your computer or mobile device until they expire or are deleted.

First and third party cookies

First-party cookies are cookies that belong to Iconus, third-party cookies are cookies that another party places on your device through our Service. Third-party cookies may be placed on your device by someone providing a service for Iconus, for example to help us understand how our service is being used. Third-party cookies may also be placed on your device by our business partners so that they can use them to advertise products and services to you elsewhere on the Internet.

How to control cookies or other collection mechanisms

Follow the instructions provided by your website or mobile browser (usually located within the "Help", "Tools" or "Edit" facility) to modify your cookie settings. Please note that if you set your browser to disable cookies or other technologies, you may not be able to access certain parts of our Service and other parts of our Service may not work properly.

To learn more about the choices that advertisers provide generally for individuals to influence how information about their online activities over time and across third-party Web sites or online services is collected and used, visit the Network Advertising Initiative at http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp, the Digital Advertising Alliance at http://www.aboutads.info/, or the European Digital Advertising Alliance at http://youronlinechoices.eu/.

Registration Data: when you use our Services, we may receive information ("Registration Data") (e.g., your IP address, browser type, operating system, source web page, web pages visited, location, mobile phone service provider, device information (including ID on the machine and the application), search terms and cookie information. We receive log data when you interact with our Services (e.g., when you visit our websites, you subscribe to our Services, you interact with our e-mail notifications, you use your account to authenticate yourself to a website or a third-party application, or visit a third-party service that includes an Iconus button or APPI. We can also receive log data when you click on a link in our Services, see or interact therewith, including links to a third-party application, as well as when you choose to install another application through Iconus.

Third Parties and Affiliates: Iconus uses several third party services to provide Iconus Services, (e.g., hosting), and to understand and improve the use of our Services. These other service providers may collect information sent by your device as part of a request for a web page (e.g., cookies or your IP address) It is possible for our external partners to share information with us (e.g., a browser cookie ID, a website, visited URLs, a mobile device ID, or the cryptographic hash of a common account identifier (e.g., an email address).

Assignment and Disclosure of Information

We do not disclose your personal data except under the limited circumstances described below.

Consent or Indication of the User: We may share or disclose your information in accordance with your instructions (e.g., when you authorize a client or a web application from a third party to access your account) Other users can share or disclose information about you (e.g., when they mention you, share information about or for you).

If you have shared information (e.g., direct Icons, with another user that accesses Iconus´s Services through a third party service), please note that the information may be shared with that third party service.

Service Providers: We may share your personal information with service providers that help us provide Iconus Services in the best way in accordance with confidentiality obligations that are compatible with this Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security actions, and under the condition that the third parties use your personal data only on our account and according to our instructions

Peremptory Norms and Damage:Without prejudice of any detail in this Privacy Policy, we may retain or disclose your information if we believe that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request; to protect the safety of any person; to solve fraud-related, security, or technical problems; or to protect the rights or property of Iconus. However, the provisions in this Privacy Policy are not intended to limit any legal defenses or objections that you may have against a requirement for disclosure of your information to a third party — even a government entity.

Non-Private/Non-Personal Information: We may share or disclose any information about you that is not private, aggregate information, and other information that does not constitute personal data (e.g., the public information in your user profile, public Icons, people who follow you or whom you, the amount of users who click on a particular link (even if only one).

Access to and Modification of your Personal Information

If you are a registered user of our Services, we offer tools and possibilities of account settings to access, correct, delete, or modify any personal information you have provided and that is associated with your account.

You can also permanently delete your Iconus account. To deactivate your account, it will not appear in Iconus and Iconus´s Services. To terminate your access to Iconus´s Services, you also agree that your information will be safeguarded and subject to these Privacy Policies until 1 year after the termination of your account.

Search engines and other third parties may maintain copies of your public information (e.g., information on your user profile and public Icons), even after you have deleted all information on Iconus´s Services or deactivated your account.

Our Policy Toward Children

Our Services were not designed for persons under the age of 13. If you notice that your child has given us personal data without your consent, please contact us. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13 in a conscious way. If it comes to our knowledge that a child under the age of 13 has provided us with personal data, we do what is necessary to delete such information and to cancel the child´s account.

How we store your information

Storage and Processing:

Your information collected through the Service may be stored and processed in Mexico or any other country in which Iconus, a company in the same group of companies as Iconus or Service Providers maintain facilities.

Iconus may transfer information that we collect about you, including personal information across borders and from your country or jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions around the world. If you are located in the European Union or other regions with laws governing data collection and use that may differ from Mexico law, please note that we may transfer information, including personal information, to a country and jurisdiction that does not have the same data protection laws as your jurisdiction.

By registering for and using the Service you consent to the transfer of information to México or to any other country in which Iconus, a company in the same group of companies as Iconus or Service Providers maintain facilities and the use and disclosure of information about you as described in this Privacy Policy.

We use commercially reasonable safeguards to help keep the information collected through the Service secure and take reasonable steps (such as requesting a unique password) to verify your identity before granting you access to your account. However, Iconus cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit to Iconus or guarantee that information on the Service may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed.

Please do your part to help us. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your unique password and account information, and for controlling access to emails between you and Iconus, at all times. Your privacy settings may also be affected by changes the social media services you connect to Iconus make to their services. We are not responsible for the functionality, privacy, or security measures of any other organization.

Changes to this Policy

We may review this Privacy Policy from time to time. The most recent version of the Policy will govern our use of your information and will always be available at (URL).

In the event of a change in the policy in a portion which, according to our unique understanding, is relevant, we will notify you by way of an update or an e-mail sent to the email address associated with your account. To continue accessing or using the Services after such changes, the user agrees to be bound by the amended Privacy Policy.

Date of entry into force: November 2017